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Dr. Kevin O'Brien is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is board certified in the post-graduate specialties of both orthopedics and neurology. His advanced training, broad scope of practice, and clinical expertise is what truly sets Dr. O'Brien apart from the general chiropractor.

Dr. O'Brien has been in private practice in Methuen Massachusetts since 1992 and is recognized for his expertise in the non-surgical management of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions and his functional approach to treating chronic pain, balance problems, mild traumatic brain injury, as well as learning/developmental problems in children and adults.

Our office provides a specialized, intelligent approach to the evaluation and management of a variety of conditions including disc problems, pinched nerves, headache/migraine, auto-immune conditions, vertigo/balance problems, whiplash, and mild traumatic brain injury. Dr. O'Brien is a healthcare provider who understands that no individual holds all the answers. His 25 years of clinical experience has led him to understand that the best results are often achieved through collaboration with other health care professionals. A combination of traditional and alternative therapies is often what is necessary to move beyond methods that simply suppress symptoms to therapies that truly restore health and wellness.

Realize that your problem will never be easier to treat than it is right now. If you are tired of the pain and tired of the pills, please call us today!

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