Oral Chelation for Heavy Metals

Current research indicates that approximately 25% of the population has some degree of impairment in their ability to naturally detoxify their bodies. Defects in the MTHFR pathway have been found in many people with auto-immune and neuro-developmental disorders. This becomes more concerning when you realize that these conditions are reaching epidemic proportion in the United States and that the toxic load of our enviroment doubles every 10 years.

Health Problems Often Related to Heavy Metal Toxicity:

Developmental, behavioral, and learning problems in children.

Chronic Fatigue/fibromyalgia

Neuro-degenerative diseases

Auto-immune disease

Inflammatory skin conditions

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Defects in the MTHFR detoxification pathway impedes the body's ability to process and eliminate household, industrial, and environmental toxins resulting in accumulation to dangerous levels. Mercury and other metals are of particular concern because of the ever increasing prevalence from batteries, electronics, coal combustion, and industrial waste. Many of these substances are absorbed and bound to fatty tissues in the body (Brain/Nervous System/Heart/Liver). Because these metals are bound in tissue, they will usually not be discovered on standard blood, urine, or hair analysis. These methods can not be relied upon when testing for metal toxicity. When testing for metals, it is necessary to use a chelator to "pull" the metals out of their bound form for accurate detection.

A Safe and Natural Method of Chelation:

The preferred mode of chelation is delivered by mouth in contrast to the more complicated and unpredictable intravenous (IV) route. The oral form of chelation safely and effectively removes heavy metals from the cells and tissues of the body and is non-toxic to the organs of elimination. Furthermore, the treatment is much safer, more complete, and more economical compared to IV/drug-based chelation programs.

Traditional IV chelators form relatively weak bonds with the metals and often the metal will break free before it can be removed from the body and will then be reabsorbed back into the body. Thus, IV chelation can be inefficient, prolonged, and incomplete. Also, these pharmaceutical binding agents excrete metals through the kidney, often resulting in stress and damage to the kidney. In contrast, the orally administered chelator forms a powerful bond with the metals and the waste products are then easily eliminated through the biliary- bowel system.

Chelation therapy is not a miracle cure and it is certainly not for everyone. However, if you are suffring with any of the conditions listed above or if your doctors simply do not know what is wrong with you...we must at least consider the idea of heavy metal toxicity. A lab test could reveal answers and solutions to your chronic health problems.

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